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The INTEGRATE Online learning module on Public Health perspectives: prevention, testing and linkage to care is now available from iversity (search for ‘management of HIV and co-infections’ and sign-up to access the course)You can follow the entire course or choose the sections most relevant to you. The module has been developed in collaboration with the EACS Society and WHO Regional Office for Europe as part of the Management of HIV and Co-infection course. Read more about the whole course here



INTEGRATE Joint Action has been the first EU funded European project on integration of infectious diseases in testing services, data collection and country response. Findings and lessons learned from INTEGRATE have been published in 10 articles in a BMC infectious Disease supplement. 

Read more about integrated testing in community and health care settings, HIV self-testing, combination prevention and use of web and mobile applications to enhance combination prevention, integration of data sources and how to foster collaborations at national level across disease areas. 

The full content of the supplement can be found at



INTEGRATE video - lessons learned from the INTEGRATE Joint Action

A video presenting the evolution and outcomes of the INTEGRATE Joint Action and some of the key lessons that have emerged. The Joint Action has strengthened integration between diseases, partners, services, guidance, tools and data, supported piloting and implementation of integrated approaches in a range of countries, and promoted collaboration and sharing of experience across Europe. 

Click here to view the video. 

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