Combination Prevention

INTEGRATE has worked with combination prevention focusing on ICT tools and Partner Notification by adapting and piloting innovative information and communication technology programs to disseminate and deliver prevention information, education and support to key affected groups. 

ICT tools used for prevention

Reviews examining effective HIV/STI prevention strategies for the different key affected groups indicate that a combination of social change and use of communication interventions using information and communication technology (ICT), designed for specific populations and contexts, have enhanced the adoption of prevention behaviours and the uptake of services. INTEGRATE has developed the RiskRadar a first of its kind integrated ICT tool (for web and mobile application) combining multiple diseases in one tool. The tool has been piloted in Croatia, Italy and Lithuania (in national languages) and has also been developed in English. 


Find the RiskRadar here: or in 

Also on Android & iOS 


Review of existing ICT based prevention programs and their effectiveness

  • This report describes the process that lead to the design of the RiskRadar,  the new integrated ICT tool developed during the  INTEGRATE JA: all the steps from the initial desk review, through the evaluation and assessment of pre-existing ICT tools in combination prevention, till the final decision are outlined in the paper. 


RiskRadar pilot report

  • The report describes the pilot phase of the RiskRadar in Croatia, Italy and Lithuania and the evaluation activities that were carried out to collect data and information on ease of use, comprehensiveness, likeability and effectiveness of the 1st ICT tool featuring different, integrated components on HIV, hepatitis, STIs and TB.


Partner Notification

Active case finding, contact tracing and/or assisted Partner Notification have been important public health approaches in infectious disease management for decades within HIV, viral hepatitis, STI and TB programmes and has shown to be effective in diagnosing and preventing onwards transmission and recurrent infections. INTEGRATE has worked on updating the latest information on partner notification - best practice, laws and regulations and has developed a Standard Operating Procedure template adaptable to different country contexts, in order to enhance the implementation of partner notification across Europe.


Partner Notification usefulness Technical Report incl SoP template

View partner notification guidelines per country