INTEGRATE presentation at the Conference on screening and prevention of viral hepatitis and HIV in CEE in Sofia, Bulgaria

You can view Jordi Casabona's presentation here.

Casabona Presentation Sofia

Presentations from INTEGRATE's kick-off meeting in Brussels, September 2017


You can view the coordinator's overview presentation here.



You can view Commissioner's Vytenis Andriukaitis presentation here.

kickoff commissioner


You can view the WP2 presentation here.

kickoff presentation wp2


You can view the WP4 presentation here.

kickoff wp4

You can view the WP5 presentation here.

kickoff wp5


You can view the WP6 presentation here.

kickoff wp6


You can view the WP7 presentation here.

kickoff wp7


You can view the WP8 presentation here.

kickoff wp8


You can view HA-REACT's presentation here.

kickoff hareact


You can view E-DETECT TB's presentation here.

kickoff edetect tb presentation



You can view HepCARE-Europe's presentation here.

 kickoff HepCARE Europe presentation



 You can view OptTEST's Regional Workshops presentation here.

kickoff OptTEST regional workshops presentation