“Victor Babes” Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases and Pneumophtisiology Craiova (CHIDPVB)

CHIDPVB is a non-profit university hospital that is specialised in treating patients with HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and tuberculosis, as well as other infectious diseases.

Key staff: Prof. Nitu Mimi, MD, PhD: Head of Pulmonology II Department, Expert in tuberculosis, with expertise in epidemiology and infectious diseases. Dr. Grecu Victor Ionel, MD: County Manager of National TB Program, with expertise in TB epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment. Olteanu Mihai, MD, PhD: Head of Bronchoscopy Department, Expert in TB. Adina Turcu, MD: Manager of CHIDPVB; Voicu-Maceseanu Alin, MD, PhD: Expert in extrarespiratory TB; University Lecturer Florentina Dumitrescu, MD, PhD: Head of HIV/AIDS Department, Expert in HIV/AIDS; Cosmin Vasiluta: account expert.