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  • PN FAQs

    What is?

    Risk Radar PN is a free service that allows notification of sexual partners and confidentially when a sexual transmitted infection is diagnosed.

    How to access?

    Risk Radar PN is used in a reserved area of this website, accessed with a code given by the clinician at the time of diagnosis. Risk Radar PN can be accessed at home or anywhere with internet access. Enter the code given in the Code Validation area and press Submit to enter Risk Radar PN.

    What is it for?

    Informing a sexual partner about a recent infection may encourage him or her to be screened of preventive treated. Risk Radar PN is designed to respond to situations where there is insufficient confidence, security or willingness to communicate the recent diagnosis of sexually transmitted infection to sexual partners. Most people prefer to be notified in person or not anonymously (personal message). If anyone other than your sexual partner (s) can read the message you sent, do not use Risk Radar PN.

    How it works?

    It’s simple, in Risk Radar PN you are only asked to enter the contacts of your sexual partners (mobile phone). We advise you to enter the contacts of all sexual partners of the last 6 months. This is probable transmission period for most sexually transmitted infections. Upon submission, Risk Radar PN automatically sends a message informing you of the likelihood of recent contact with an infected sexual partner and an indication of where screening is possible.

    Is it necessary to pay something?

    No, sending messaged through Risk Radar PN is free.

    Is any data recorded?

    No identification data is required under any circumstances. Sexual partner contacts are automatically deleted by the system after messages are sent. For statistics on the use of the Risk Radar PN, the number of messages is recorded. Any data service provider is required by law to record the time, date and IP of the computing device used. This data is used in case of misuse for civil liability purposes.

    Why should I warn sexual partners?

    We are a sexual network. Informing sexual partners is crucial to break down the transmission chains of sexually transmitted infections.

    Can Risk Radar PN be used if you do not have a code?

    No, only people with a detected transmission infection in the locations that generate Risk Radar PN code have access to Risk Radar PN.